Large Public School District

TELAdjust is a cost-free, risk-free addition to our staff. Their tariff and contract expertise, coupled with their knowledge of carrier billing systems is first rate and has provided us with substantial benefits.”

- Public School District


Client Profile | What We Did

This school district is the largest in its state with several hundred school locations. Schools are one of TELAdjust’s most important markets because they usually do not have large telecom staffs and therefore, do not perform frequent internal audits. This client utilizes a large Centrex system which is served from about 20 wire centers. The switch configuration encompasses 5 host systems, with approximately 10 remotes served out of these hosts to service all schools for voice communications. It also has an extensive data network throughout the District. TELAdjust was contracted to do an audit after a major conversion to the District’s voice and data networks. The conversion resulted in new billing, so contract compliance was a major focus of this project. TELAdjust discovered that the District was not being billed according to its new agreement in both local and long distance billing, for both voice and data services. In addition, tariff related errors were found for digital data services, tie lines, off-premise extensions, analog circuits, foreign exchange service, mileage configuration, wire centers, feature charges, usage, interactive calls, obsolete charges, duplicate charges, special billing arrangements, taxes, surcharges, and lines and circuits that did not exist and/or had been ordered out. Refunds were obtained for contractual errors as well as tariff related errors in the high six figures.