Energy / Utility Company

“I was very impressed with TELAdjust’s historical knowledge of telecom carrier’s complex pricing configurations. In fact, it became evident that TELAdjust had a better understanding of their contracts than the carrier did.”

- Utility Company

Client Profile | What We Did

Energy companies operate in a unique telecommunications environment because of a need for highly specialized circuits to monitor gas and electricity levels. These circuits are unique to the utility industry because they need special voltage protection and conditioning and are often highly customized. This utility client has more than 2,000 telecom bills, encompassing numerous large systems for voice and data, which includes Centrex, ISDN PRI services, Sonet, Frame Relay, MPLS and other fiber-based digital services. It also has thousands of bills for substation/voltage protection services, security and Internet networks. It has many contracts as well as many services under tariff pricing. Therefore, this audit was a large, complex project. Numerous errors were uncovered, both contractual and tariff-related.  Several different telecom vendors were involved.  Significant errors were also found in taxes, surcharges and other fees. Refunds were in the seven figures. Monthly expenses were reduced in the high five figures.