What We Do


TelAdjustPhoneTELAdjust analyzes a client’s voice, data, internet and cellular bills, identifies billing errors, submits these errors to the telecom vendors and negotiates reimbursements for clients for all overbillings. TELAdjust’s fee is based upon a percentage of the refund that it recovers for its clients as a result of its audit.
Equally important to clients are the savings going forward that result from eliminating errors from future bills, errors that are revealed by the TELAdjust audits. All going-forward savings accrue solely to the client and they can be substantial, in some cases as much as 30-40 percent less than the old erroneous bill.
Not only does TELAdjust not charge a fee for future savings, it does not invoice for its work if its analysis fails to result in a refund for the client.
TELAdjust stands apart from many competitors because of its primary focus on voice, data, internet and wireless bill auditing. It sells no products and is completely impartial, having no business or financial relationship with any of the telecommunications carriers.
TELAdjust is a pay-for-performance company, charging only for a percentage of what it actually recovers for a client.

Billing Errors Common

Phone company billing errors as much the rule as they are an exception to the rule. During the more than two decades that TELAdjust has been scrutinizing telecom bills, it has found errors in the bills of approximately 80 percent of its clients. Refunds for these errors have ranged from $100 to more than $1 million. TELAdjust works on behalf of clients large and small, in both the public and private sectors.

Contract Compliance/Tariff Interpretation

Telecom carrier billing practices are highly complex. Almost every customer’s bill is unique. Telecom companies offer a wide variety of services with different rates and differing levels of discounts, making it difficult for them to render clear and accurate bills.
Contracts between telecom companies and their customers are often ambiguous and open to interpretation. When services and prices are not described in detail in contracts, they are subject to regulatory tariffs that are highly technical and always changing. With many years of experience in unraveling complex billing codes, contracts and tariffs, TELAdjust serves as an expert client advocate in either verifying the accuracy of a client’s bills or recovering refunds for billing errors and overcharges.

Audit Process

In addition to ensuring that actual prices match terms set forth in a client’s contract, and that tariffs are correctly interpreted and properly applied, TELAdjust auditors conduct a thorough line-by-line analysis of a client’s bill that includes identifying incorrect charges, obsolete charges, duplicate charges, charges not associated with specific services, and MDA errors. It also verifies taxes, surcharges, USF charges, and other miscellaneous charges and fees.
Finally, it verifies that services billed are in existence and being used by the client.

Your Staff

No matter how competent a client’s telecom staff is, and no matter how diligent it is in reviewing its organization’s telecom bills, it is unlikely that a client’s internal staff has the time, resources, expertise, or inclination to ensure that the client is being billed accurately by its telecom vendors. As surprising as it may sound, TELAdjust has recovered millions of dollars for some of the largest, most sophisticated companies in North America.
TELAdjust extends the capabilities of a client’s staff by taking on the difficult and time consuming chore of ensuring the accuracy of a client’s telecom bills. The only time investment required by a client’s staff involves compiling a list of telephone bill account numbers, copies of carrier contracts, and letters of authorization. TELAdjust uses this information to access telephone vendor records for its deep-dive analysis of a client’s bills.


TELAdjust’s knowledge of telecom company service offerings and rate structures gives it a unique ability to advise clients in regard to future cost-saving opportunities for voice, data, internet, and cellular services. This is an additional service that TELAdjust offers clients after it completes a historical audit.

Analyze Network

TELAdjust will analyze a client’s telecom bills for the purpose of optimizing telecommunications costs and determining if there are future cost-saving opportunities. Analysis is conducted on current voice and data network configurations, contract pricing for all services, traffic and calling patterns, trunking configurations, rate plans for local, toll and long distance calling, cellular rate plans, and identification of services not being used and/or needed.

Implement Recommendations

TELAdjust will make recommendations detailing cost-saving opportunities for client review. It will then implement approved recommendations.
For this service, TELAdjust charges a fee based on a percentage of future savings. It does not bill the client until the savings are realized.