Automotive Manufacturer

“Refunds received as a result of TELAdjust’s efforts have been substantial, exceeding even our most optimistic expectations and we continue to benefit from the resulting ongoing savings.”

- Automotive Manufacturer

Client Profile | What We Did

This client is one of the largest companies in the U. S. with operations throughout the United States and around the world. It utilizes a Centrex system and VOIP for voice communications, and is one of AT&T’s largest clients. It has vast international voice and data networks with numerous carriers, including AT&T , Qwest, Verizon Business, Singtel, TELMEX, NTT, Bell Canada, among others . It has a VTNS custom tariff 12 for interlata services in the U. S. TELAdjust has worked with this client since 1994. Complete audits of all local, long distance, wireless and internet telecom bills have been performed, including a 85,000 line Centrex system, encompassing numerous locations, various LEC bills for hundreds of sites throughout the U. S., data services ranging from low speed analog to high speed digital including DS0, DS1, DS3, FDDI, Frame Relay, Sonet, Internet, and Satellite services, and wireless services numbering over 20,000 subscribers. TELAdjust currently conducts ongoing monthly telecommunications bill audits of several hundred bills for this client, also providing contract consulting, inventory maintenance, and management reporting. TELAdjust has recovered millions of dollars for this client while lowering its monthly telecom costs by hundreds of thousands of dollars as a result of TELAdjust audits.